AppsArabia invests in the best app ideas from throughout the MENA region, helps get them to market and assists in promoting them to maximise revenues for their creators.

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AppsArabia is a newly established hub and investment fund, which promotes and supports mobile app development throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We’re funded by twofour54 ibtikar and based on the twofour54 campus in Abu Dhabi.


We’re passionate about the development of apps and our aim is to support the growth of a sustainable app development industry in the UAE and throughout the MENA region.

We help people to develop apps within the MENA region using the Software Development Kits (SDKs) of all the major mobile and online platforms, e.g. Android (Google), Apple, BlackBerry, Facebook, OpenSocial and Ovi (Nokia). At the moment we are focusing on mobile apps, specifically Apple & Nokia because they are the most commercially attractive (Android & BlackBerry do not yet have official app distribution channels throughout MENA).


  • We invest in the best ideas for apps that generate revenue and we provide as much mentoring and support as we can to anyone involved in app development within the MENA region
  • We promote apps on behalf of our entrepreneurs by publishing your apps and arranging lots of publicity
  • We operate this community web site to bring people together and provide a forum for everyone involved in app development; specifically we try to help local developers by providing them with sales


  1. App entrepreneurs and developers register as members on this site
  2. App entrepreneurs submit their applications for investment on this site
  3. AppsArabia considers the app idea and decides whether it wants to invest
  4. If AppsArabia decides to invest then it will identify suitable developers (only from within the community) and invite them to submit a proposal for developing the app on a fixed cost project basis
  5. AppsArabia signs a Supplier Agreement with the chosen developer
  6. AppsArabia signs a Publisher Agreement with the entrepreneur
  7. The app is developed to the highest quality standards, tested thoroughly and submitted to the appropriate (official) app store
  8. AppsArabia pays the developer the balance of the agreed fixed cost project fee
  9. AppsArabia is the exclusive publisher of the app on the app store but the Intellectual Property is assigned to the entrepreneur (the originator of the idea)
  10. 100% of net revenue (net of the % retained by the app store) is retained by AppsArabia until the development costs have been paid back in full
  11. All further net revenue is split with between AppsArabia (30%) and the entrepreneur (70%)
  12. The entrepreneur is responsible for marketing the app (with PR assistance from AppsArabia) and managing the product roadmap to evolve the app over time based on consumer metrics
  13. AppsArabia investment covers the cost of design & development of the app
  14. AppsArabia investment does not cover other costs like producing marketing materials, sourcing content or operational expenses

Who wins?

Everyone’s a winner with this model:

  • The entrepreneur wins because their idea is developed into an app which they should make a good income from … without any risk
  • The developer wins because they earn a fair income on a fixed cost project basis, allowing them to improve their quality and grow their businesses … whether the app succeeds or fails
  • AppsArabia wins because they cover their costs while achieving the objective of creating a sustainable industry for app development in MENA

Additional benefits

AppsArabia member benefits include:

  • A community for all stakeholders in app development
  • A pool of top quality local app development skills
  • A source of freelance employment for local suppliers
  • Thought leadership – strategic and tactical
  • Portal to the best press relevant to the region
  • Strong relationships with Apple and other partners
  • Events including presentations, focus groups and workshops
  • Mentoring and support including project management and commercial guidance
  • Centralised publishing of apps leading to increased app downloads
  • Marketing leverage to promote apps
  • Investment to develop the best ideas into profits

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