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September saw the Andoid Market pass half a million published apps according to mobile app market intelligence firm research2guidance, but they pointed out that 37% of apps have been removed for various reasons.

The Apple App Store has had over 600,000 apps published to date with 24% of apps having been removed.

Read more on the BGR web site including the full press release from research2 guidance.

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New research from Berg Insight reveals that the number of app downloads is expected to reach 98 billion by 2015. This will lead to app store revenue growing to $11.8 billion.

Read the full article on TechCrunch here.

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go to the report on the Distimo web site (opens in a new window)

The latest report is available from Distimo and it is essential reading!

The major findings are:

  • iOS downloads in Asia grew significantly in the past six months but downloads in Western countries decreased during the same period. China recently became the second largest market after the United States.
  • South Korea downloads is remarkably high despite the relative small size of the country‚Äôs population. Moreover, because the Games category is absent in the South Korea Apple App Store, all downloads are allocated to non-Games, while in other countries the Games category is without exception, the largest. This makes South Korea an especially interesting country for publishers and developers in the non-Games categories.
  • Asia downloads increased in general, however, the proportion of paid downloads and the overall revenue still lag behind that of the United States and Europe. Moreover, while in-app purchases became an important monetization method over the last year in many countries, it has not yet in Asia. Thus, developers have to look for other ways of monetization such as advertising.
  • A comparison of the most popular categories between the United States and Asia revealed that there are no significant differences between content preferences. Hence, developers could offer the same type of apps in both Asia and the United States.
  • Most of the popular iOS apps in Asia are only popular in Asia, but in some Asian countries worldwide popular apps prevail. Examples of regional popular only content are KungFu Food-Panda, and Birzzle. In general, localization appears to be key to becoming popular especially when considering countries like China, South Korea, and Japan. In countries like India and Indonesia, localization appears to be less important.

Here’s hoping that, as we put the MENA region on the map, Distimo will start providing some useful insight for our region ;-)

Click here to view the article about the report and to download the report.

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This is a fabulous infographic from Chillingo, Chomp and 148Apps. Check out the Facebook page of 500,000 Apps.

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New report from Gartner

In a new report, market research firm Gartner forecasts that global mobile app store revenues will triple from $5.2 billion last year to $15 billion in 2011, and keep growing to an astounding $58 billion by 2014.

Read the full article on TechCrunch.

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Some valuable lessons in this article called “The anatomy of an epic App Store sale”. JOSHM tells us what he learned while trying to increase downloads of his comedy game iPhone app by giving it away free for a limited period. (Don’t let the name of the app – Ow My Balls – put you off!)
Lessons in app promotion
Read the full story here.

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I found this great presentation from Brandon Mensinga @ AppManifesto about the UK app store. Some very useful information … and nicely collated.

View the presentation on SlideShare.

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