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Read this interesting article from Cynopsis Media …

In a new survey of some 1,300 app users, MTV Networks has looked into what makes certain apps popular, how consumers find apps in an increasingly crowded marketplace and what goes into the decisions to keep certain apps and delete others:

  • 53% said that personal recommendations are important in deciding which apps to download, while 52% relied on user reviews and 42% said seeing a friend use a particular app was a critical component. An additional 47% discovered apps via app stores from Apple and Android
  • For free apps, a higher number of positive ratings drove most consumers (50%) to download, with personal recommendation the second most-important factor (43%)
  • For paid apps, price (63%), followed by whether there is a free or lite preview version of the app (49%) were the biggest factors in whether or not to download
  • While 38% of movie or TV apps are deleted within the first 3 weeks after download, those that stick engage users. Two-thirds check their favorite TV or Movie app at least once a day, with nearly half (44%) checking it several times a day. And for each time it’s open, 45% spend more than 10 minutes with their favorite TV or Movie app
  • For TV and movie apps, ease of use (79%) and new content (55%) are the biggest reasons consumers will use an app for the long term. Better alternatives (55%) and lack of new content (42%) will drive a consumer to delete an app

Mobile applications and browsers are becoming essential sales and marketing tools for retailers, according to a new whitepaper from mobile ad network Millennial Media. Consumers rely on their mobile devices to guide them through every step of the purchase process, from determining if they need a product (52% of respondents), to making a purchase (38%), to evaluating a product post-purchase (12%). Over 13 million consumers accessed retail content on their mobile phone in a given month, with 2.2 million accessing some sort of retail content almost every day. Retail was the top vertical on the Millennial network both globally and in the U.S. From Q1 2010 to Q1 2011, retail spending grew over 1300%.

Our very own research about the MENA apps industry has just been completed. If you’d like a free copy of the summary report then click here to register your interest and see if you qualify.

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Great new report from BuzzCity which you might find useful.

It contains some interesting data on which countries in the world are downloading games the most etc.

Click here to get the report from the BuzzCity web site.

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The exciting news from Real Opinions is that they have completed the AppsArabia research which is sponsored by BlackBerry.

Some key highlights will be presented at Planet Of The Apps Arabia today and the report will be available soon.

Companies can buy the research findings (either just access to the data or including a contextual workshop from Real Opinions).

Entrepreneurs & developers may qualify for a summary report if they are AppsArabia members and if they also take part in the follow-up survey.

Click here to register your interest.

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This is a very interesting article on ArabCrunch.

Arabic is the fastest growing language and, although English is by far the biggest language on Facebook, it has fallen below 50% for the first time.

Fastest growing languages on Facebook

Read the full article on ArabCrunch here.

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I’ve been asked by some AppsArabia members for research data and I’ve been promising to pull together and share some data I have.

Here’s my compilation of research data – I hope this helps you to determine your market size, distribution channels and revenue forecasts. Click here to download the data compilation.

Research data

Here are some additional links and files that you may find useful:

ArabCrunch: Google MENA ad spending is between $110m-$130m

Gulf News – Mobile phone sales surge 22.8% in MENA

Gulf News – Apps market to equal internet in 10 years

The National Article: What the two-mobile UAEer is buying

Strategy Eye Report: Understanding the app race

Mobclix White Paper: How to make money from free iPhone apps

Newspaper Article: Touchscreen cellphones sales in MEA will skyrocket 120%

Also, I recommend you check out the blogroll on this site (in the column on the right) as there may be some useful articles provided by our friends. Please suggest additions to our blogroll by leaving a comment on this article.

If you have any useful research data please consider sharing it with AppsArabia members. Perhaps the best way to do this is through the discussion forum – which will be going live soon – or email me and I will publish it in the Resources section.

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When planning your app it is important to ensure your market is big enough. Kngine provides a lot of useful data about internet usage, cellular subscriptions and consumer demographics.

Kngine Stats

Click to go to the Kngine site.

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This article looks at some data from AppShopper and tells us that iPad users are consuming productivity apps while iPhone and iPod Touch users are still consuming more games than ever.

iPhone versus iPad

Read the full article at MacRumours.com here.

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